Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Information

Q. What is the Buyback for Enterprise Program?
A: This program enables enterprise customers to trade in their organization’s devices to help offset the cost of purchasing new Google devices.
Q. Who operates this program?
A: This program is operated by Clover Wireless LLC (Clover Wireless) with assistance from Google.
Q. When is the program available?
A: This program will commence on April 1, 2018.
Q. Who should I contact with questions?
A: You may contact Clover Wireless at

How it Works

Q. What are the steps I need to follow?
  1. You can request a quote by filling out this form.
  2. Accept the quote within 30 days
  3. Clover Wireless will provide pre-paid shipping labels. Pick-ups can be arranged for larger orders. Devices need to be returned within 30 days of the Clover Wireless quote date.
  4. Your data is securely removed and devices are either refurbished and resold, or recycled, depending on their condition.
  5. Clover Wireless confirms receipt and trade-up value.
  6. Proceeds for the Buyback will be placed on your account with your preferred Partner (reseller).
Q. What information is needed for a quote request?
A: You’ll need the make, model, GB and processor of each device you want to trade in, along with the quantity.
Q. Does Clover Wireless manage the sale of new devices to our organization?
A: No. You will continue to work with your reseller for the purchase of new Google Chromebooks.
Q. What if I was already working with Clover Wireless directly?
A: While you can continue working directly with Clover Wireless to process your trade in, we have seen greater success when organizations work directly with their reseller from the start.
Q. Do we have to send our devices in or will Clover Wireless pick them up at a specified location?
A: Clover Wireless will handle all the logistics. Clover Wireless will provide prepaid shipping labels or arrange pick-up for larger orders that require a palletized delivery.
Q. Who pays for the logistics? My business or Clover Wireless?
A: Clover Wireless pays for all logistics for the Buyback for Enterprise Program.
Q. What is the typical turnaround time for this program?
A: Payment is made within 15 days after devices have completed inspection.
Q. In which currency will the payment be done?
A: All payments are made in US dollars.
Q. When and how does my company receive portal access?
A: After a quote is initiated, Clover Wireless will provide login access and credentials via email in a Welcome Letter. Customers are provided with a unique link that will allow anyone within the organization to print free shipping labels.
Q. Where is this program available?
A: The Buyback in Enterprise program is currently available in the United States and Canada.

Customer eligibility

Q. Is there a minimum number of trade-in devices?
A: No
Q. What devices do you accept for trade in?
A: The program accepts all laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
*To qualify for the trade-up promotional rebate, each device must fully power up to the home screen for data clearing, have a fully functioning LCD, and contain one of these processors.
Q. Are there any minimum conditions for trade-in devices?
A: Yes. Devices must have battery and battery cover, power on and take a charge, have an intact and fully functioning screen and be free from water damage. Non-working devices can be sent for secure, compliant recycling, but will not be eligible to receive trade-in credits.
Q. Do we need to provide proof of purchase for new devices before a trade-in check is issued?
A: To receive the promotional trade-up credit, you must provide an invoice from Distributor Authorized Resellers and Authorized Distributors showing the device unit name, quantity and price.
Your invoice, or a separate invoice must show you purchased a Chrome Enterprise license for each eligible device purchased.
Q. Can we do bulk returns over a period of 3 months?
A: Yes, however you will need to notify Clover Wireless that you will be shipping your devices over an extended period.

Data security, device refurbishing, and recycling

Q. What happens to devices once they are traded in?
A: After securely removing any data, devices deemed usable are reconditioned and resold. Unusable devices are handled according to Clover Wireless’ environmental guidelines.
Q. Do you wipe the data on the devices?
A: Yes. If your used devices are Chromebooks, they must be deprovisioned using selection “Retiring from fleet” prior to being returned. For non-Chromebooks, please check with the manufacturer on any deprovisioning or data removal procedures required prior to shipping the devices to Clover.
Q. Is a “certificate of data destruction” available?
A: Yes, Clover Wireless can provide certificates of data destruction